5 Ideas You Can Steal from Nursing

5 Ideas You Can Steal from Nursing

Nurses are prone to encounter difficulty during their change of schedules, especially when they have been stuck in the same shift in a very long time. So here are 5 ideas which we can steal from nursing. The stress that goes through their minds, thinking about the change in their cycle, circadian rhythm, and their activities, might cause them to either overwork or underperform. Both are unhealthy.

So here are the ideas which we can steal from nursing which (they follow) we can use it on our daily lives too –

1. How about a cup of garlic tea

Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which is thought to strengthen the immune system. Organosulfur compounds are thought to provide certain health benefits. Laboratory studies have shown that raw garlic can kill bacteria, reduce blood lipid levels, slow blood clotting, and potentially reduce blood pressure.
No we got to know the secret no 1 to ward off cold and flu.

2. Start your day with a glass of warm water

We all know the importance of drinking water throughout the day, but having one glass of warm water in the morning regularizes the digestion ability and boosts our immunity. Because mostly we are dehydrated in the morning. And a glass of warm water wakes up our mind and body.

3. Pause and take some breaths

We all know stress makes things and situation worsen than ever. So imagine the environment ‘NURSES’ go through, *we can’t right. As the world is speeding and we want to match the same, but what if things go wrong. So we must stop and breathe, that another secret mantra of the Nursing dept. All we is just slow down and be present in the moment.

4. Regularly wash your hands

We all know about this COVID 19 phase but still i would like to highlight one important point – WASH YOUR HANDS. But the nurses have been doing this from the beginning, because the friction actually removes the bacteria your hands. So never forget this one.

5. Lay Off The Caffeine

Last but not the least, Over the top caffeine utilization can adversely affect brain capacity and add to expanded lack of sleep. Scientists at Michigan’s Henry Ford Hospital’s Sleep Disorders and Research Center and Wayne State College of Medicine found that caffeine consumed even 6 hours before sleep reduces sleep quality & quantity.

Nurses focus majority of their energy helping others they forget It’s important to take time for themselves. We have discussed just 5 ideas You Can Steal from Nursing. So we are really grateful for that, for which we have arranged a webinar – NURSING & HEALTHCARE 2020.

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