Neuro Psychiatry & Mental Health 2021

Theme: Innovations in Neuro Psychiatry and Evolution in Medicines of Neurological Disorders for Better Mental Health.

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The Research Gate (TRG) creates an international platform for exchanging ideas and best practices in a manner that demonstrates respect for diversity and inclusion.  TRG invites participants from the global healthcare community to attend the Neuroscience & Psychiatry Webinar 2021  on May 1, 2021.  This conference will feature Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neurobiologists, Neuroimmunology’s and Members from Neurology Organizations.  The Neuroscience & Psychiatry Webinar  2021 strives to promote evidence-based strategies, increased collaboration among healthcare professionals, and increased quality of care to address the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare environment. 


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TRG proud to announce the Neuro Psychiatry & Mental Health 2021


This year with a stimulative theme i.e “Innovations in Neuro Psychiatry and Evolution in Medicines of Neurological Disorders for better Mental Health”, TRG presents this conference in 2021 which will support the wide scope for experts in the field of Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery and Neurological issues. This webinar will be all about the latest research and different mechanisms to treat illnesses in an unique manner. Neurogenetic conditions are generally chronic, long-term and incurable.


Did you all know? – The leading cause of disability is mental disorder, Globally 350 million people suffer from Mental Health. Problems due to mental health are reported as the primary disability factor worldwide, causing nearly 40million years of disability in people aged 20- 29 years.  This webinar will influence an appealing moment to meet people in the experimentation field. Therefore it takes pleasure in opening a doorway to encounter the ability in the field, young researchers and potential World-renowned speakers, the most recent approaches, tactics, and the current upgrade in the field.

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Donald Davidoff
Dr. Donald Davidoff, Chief, Department of Neuropsychology at McLean Hospital, Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School
Dr. Deborah M Leveille,  Dean of School of Nursing for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at AUHS, USA
Dr. Deborah M Leveille, Dean of School of Nursing for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at AUHS, USA
Dr. Oliver J. Morgan, Professor Scranton, PA , Counseling & Human Services University of Scranton
Dr. Oliver J. Morgan, Professor Scranton, PA , Counseling & Human Services University of Scranton

Sessions & Tracks

Neuro-psychiatry and Mental Health
Neurological Complications of COVID-19
Psychology and Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Case Reports in Neurological Medicine
Cognitive & behavioral neuroscience
Computational & Theoretical Neuroscience
Molecular Brain Research
Neuro Regeneration & Aging
Neurogenesis and Glycogenesis
Neuro immune disorders
Psychological Disorders
Psychosis Disorder
Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Mental health Therapies
Behavioral Science
Treatment and Recovery
Neuroinfectious and Neuroinflammation
Neurogenetic and Neurometabolic Disorders
Brain and Neurological Disorders
Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
Neuroimaging and Neuropathology
Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies

E-Poster Presentations

  • Poster/E-poster presenters are required to submit their abstract online or by email in order to submit for the review and acceptance by the scientific committee.
  • Only subject related abstracts & associated posters/e-posters which are submitted will be displayed on the website before the conference.
  • The abstract should include complete details (e.g., abstract title, name, affiliation, abstract and biography, etc) Sample abstract template
  • If the registered author/poster presenter is unable to participate in the conference then he/she may send a substitute who can be a co-author (or) any member from the same institution.
  • All poster presenters have to register before the registration date closes.
  • The list of e-poster presenters will be provided in the final agenda two days before the conference.
  • Each of the accepted abstracts will be published in the post-conference proceedings to give digital recognition across the research field.
  • Each Poster/E-Poster presenter will be given 5 minutes time to explain each section of their poster on the conference day.
  • PDF/TIFF/JPG/PNG files of the poster/e-poster are preferred which need to be submitted online or submit to conference email or so that it will be made available in the website after the conference.



Registration Benefits:

Following benefits are included with registration.

  • American CE Credit Hours Certification Opportunity
  • Opportunity to listen to the best speakers in the industry.
  • Expert speakers live interaction and advice.
  • Special discount applicable for any one onsite conference in 2022.
  • Live group discussion opportunity.
  • Interactive E-Poster Presentation
  • Grants/Funding Guidance & Opportunities
  • Participation E-Certificate.
  • Access to all sessions Live and post conference.
  • The abstract will be published in post conference proceedings.


“As per the CE Accreditation guidelines all the participants who attend the entire conference and submit the post conference review only will be eligible for receiving the CE Credit Hours”


Sponsored by the College of Nursing, West Coast University:



For smooth flow of the program please follow the below steps before the webinar starts:

  • Check Inbox for Conference Updates: After successful completion of registration, the registered email will receive a confirmation and followed by reminder emails about the program updates. If you don’t receive our emails in your inbox then please check your junk folder and move them to inbox. Contact us if you are not receiving the regular updates from us.
  • Presentation Backup: Please share your presentation (PPT) file with us 2 days in advance in order to handle unforeseen errors from your end during the presentation so that we can bring it up immediately.
  • Demo Setup: Please call/mail us at if any presenter would like to schedule a demo meeting for 15 min to familiarize with the setup at least 2 days before the webinar.
  • Use Zoom Application: For better performance always install Zoom application. Do not use web browser to minimize frequent disconnection during the conference.
  • Restart: Please restart your laptop/desktop in order to clear the existing laptop memory dump and unnecessary running applications for free flow of the presentation.
  • Close Social Media: Make sure you close all the social media accounts in your laptop/desktop and notifications in order to secure your privacy.
  • Lighting: Make sure you have front light instead of back light or top light.
  • Early Login: Our webinar begins promptly at the given time and please join the webinar at least 15 minutes early to minimize last minute issues.
  • Muted Upon Entry: Everyone will be muted upon entry and admitted to waiting room and will be allowed one after moderator approval in to the main conference session room (Zoom).
  • Speaker Controls: Speakers will be enabled with the SHARE option only before their presentation.
  • No Background Filters: Do not use any background image/video filters to minimize the delay transition of your presentation to all the viewers.
  • Full Session Certification: Please attend full scheduled webinar to receive the certificates as the partial attendees will not be awarded certificates as per the CE/CME/CPD accreditation guidelines.
  • Tech Help: If you have audio/video difficulties ping us in private chat or call us so that our technical team can help you in resolving the issue.


  • Each poster should be submitted in 1080 pixel jpeg, PPT slide & PDF or MP4 Video.
  • Font should be in Times New Roman /Arial
  • The title and the author’s information should be clearly visible in the header in bold font.
  • The text should be readable even when it zoomed in to the full screen.
  • Present picture-numerical data in the form of graphs, rather than tables (graphs make trends in the data much more evident). If data must be presented in table-form, keep it simple.
  • Use bright colors to enhance the poster/presenter details.
  • Organize your poster into subdivisions i.e. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgement, and Literature Cited (avoid using too many citations).
  • Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notations as much as possible.
  • Avoid submitting compactly packed, high word-count in the poster.



Live Q&A opportunity in panel discussions after each session with eminent speakers.


DOI will give digital recognition to the accepted peer reviewed abstracts which are published in past conference report.


Get appropriate accreditation certificate by expanding your knowledge on most recent developments in the research topics.


Accepted abstracts will be published in post conference report after peer review by the organizing committee.


Networking and knowledge sharing opportunity with the pioneers in the relevant fields.




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This nursing continuing professional development activity is submitted to Montana Nurses Association, an accredited approver with distinction by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.