What the World Would Be Like If Nursing Didn’t Exist

When it comes to nurse to patient ratios, it’s not just about numbers. What the World Would Be Like If Nursing Didn't Exist?

So have you ever thought about it?

When it comes to nurse to patient ratios, it’s not just about numbers. What the World Would Be Like If Nursing Didn’t Exist?

So have you ever thought about it?

Leaders, evaluating how to ensure you have the best nurses in the right numbers providing the best care to your patients. It is something you take very seriously & fighting for the needs of your nurses is something you take just as seriously. This is the perfect time to think again about how to do both.

During this pandemic situation, poor communication is one of the top barriers to care. Experts from other healthcare areas, as well as the government, have weighed in on the issue and made their voices heard. With California leading the way, more than a dozen states now have laws requiring nurse to patient ratios.

Nursing professionals believe sufficient staffing numbers is important for care quality and patient safety. Many, but not all, in the profession believe mandated ratios might be the way to equally ensure this.

Do You Know the 5 nurses who pioneered in the nursing field all over the world?

  1. Florence Nightingale
    Born in 1820, Florence Nightingale was just 17 when she believed that she was called into service by God “to do something toward lifting the load of suffering from the helpless and miserable.” And she did so until the age of 90, when she died.
  2. Dorothea Dix
    she crafted ‘Memorial’ a report of the human rights violations in treating the mentally ill and sent it to the legislature. This led to the state’s mental hospital system to be transformed.
  3. Clara Barton
    Born in 1821, a year after Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton was a Civil War nurse and used to tend to wounded soldiers. She started a company which is currently serving millions the American Red Cross society.
  4. Mary Eliza Mahoney
    Till Mary Eliza Mahoney made an appearance, African American nurses didn’t exist in the American history. Born in 1845, she was the first African American woman to graduate nursing school in US and get a job as a professional nurse.
  5. Virginia Lynch
    Virginia Lynch is a modern nurse, much younger than the other nurses on our list. Born in 1941, Lynch is the foremost pioneer in forensic nursing and helped create a system that would bring justice to millions of rape victims.

There are many famous nurses besides the ones mentioned above. But these 5 nurses definitely had a big hand in creating the kind of nursing system we have now across the world.

The fact is nurses play an important role in patient care from the moment a sick individual enters the door, during their hospitalization. And mostly throughout the discharge process. The patient load under a doctor’s care is huge, and other aspects can only be noticed by the bedside nurse. That’s just a fact.


The nurse is the one

  1. who insures a patient isn’t being set up for failure at discharge,
  2. making certain educational needs are met,
  3. medications are affordable,
  4. needed equipment is in place,
  5. social work needs are implemented,
  6. a safe environment is in place, and
  7. if a discharge home is appropriate overall.

What the World Would Be Like If Nursing Didn’t Exist?What will the life for a patient look like if these needs are not met? Would you see readmission rates soaring? What about mortality rates following discharge?

So here is the chance to discuss and have all your questions answered? Register for the webinar and do follow our social media pages for more updates.

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