Why Nursing The World To Health Will Change Your Life?

why nursing the world to health will change your life

Nurses have led from the frontline, bravely beating all odds nursing the world to health during this pandemic situation. Every year, May 12 is celebrated as International Nurses Day to commemorate the birth of Florence Nightingale.

Nursing the world to health

The public views of nursing and nurses are typically based on personal experiences with nurses, which can lead to a narrow view of a nurse. This experience may not provide an accurate picture of all that nurses can and do provide in the healthcare delivery process. There is always less representation and recognition of the other complex professional aspects of nursing. Whereas contrary to that image, nursing professionals actually have a dynamic role in all aspects of healthcare delivery system.

Nurses play a pivotal part in in achieving the healthcare goals by being the most important link during health care delivery. Their work ranges from providing not only highly specific technical care, but also coordinating the work of other health care professionals to meet their goals.

12th of May

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May last year that 2020 would be dedicated to nurses and midwives. It chose the theme to coincide with the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale on 12th of May. Unfortunately this year the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection happened across the world which took the lives of many people globally. The nursing response to the coronavirus (COVID -19) crisis has gone way beyond the core purpose of 2020. The work put in by nurses in the COVID 19 crisis is a powerful & practical demonstration of the potential that nurses possess, to address big health care challenges.

Nurses proved to be the health warriors by taking the responsibility willingly. The profession is central to tackling the pandemic and, Nurses Worldwide have stepped up & beyond their call. The nurses response world-wide to this crisis has moved nursing into a global spotlight in a way that calling it ‘year of the nurse’ never would otherwise have been justified.

The entire nursing community is in the risk zone & we have all seen the unprecedented levels of overwork by nurses. Particularly those in intensive care units, those in management or those most directly involved in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these responsibilities, accountability and challenges are so willingly and happily accepted by nurses.

As proven to the world and the country, nurses continue to be the ones to share the burden of healthcare .They are happy that their contribution is being acknowledged more than ever before. The image of the nursing community and the overall morale of nursing is getting acknowledgement and recognition during these challenging times. We know going through all these hard times become difficult for all. Let’s talk and share it out.

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